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Counselor Corner

Teachers Can Be Friends, Too!

Your teachers want to help your student do well.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  Feel free to email them or call the office to set up a phone conference or a face to face. You may also write them a note via planner.

10 Things Kids Need to Be Able to Do on Their Own by Middle School

From: the Joyful Parenting Coaching


1) Get up, dressed and washed on their own

2) Make their own breakfast

3) Make their own lunches

4) Remember everything they are going to need for the day

5) Do homework on their own

6) Do some cooking and some cleaning

7) Choose something they really love do to

8) Talk to teachers to get clarification on assignments, to ask for help, to ask questions about comments and grades received

9) Be able to handle money

10) Get around by themselves


Teaching these lessons allows them to master the expectations so by the time they hit high school they can do it.  

School Counselors

School counselors help monitor academic progress and talk with students about their career and educational goals.  We are also available to answer questions, to listen, or help students figure out how to deal with whatever life throws their direction.  Parents and students are invited to "drop in" to the counselors office anytime.  

Don't get pulled over

Parents, please pull over to the curb when dropping off or picking up your child.  Not only is this safe, but it is the law!!


You can log into the Aeries program through the Azusa Unified School District web site. Log in using your email address and password. Students and parents can have daily access to grades, assignments, absences, tardies etc...If you need help getting into the program, contact any Slauson Middle School staff member.

Joke of the Month

Why did the chicken go to jail?

Because he was using fowl language!

Getting Ready for College A-G

High School Course Work

A...2 years of History/Social Science

B...4 years of English

C...4 years of Mathematics

D...2 years of Lab Science

E...2 years of Language other that English

F...1 year of visual and Performing Arts

G...1 year of College Preparatory Elective

Help Your Child Succeed

1. Parents should provide supplies and a place to study.

2. Set realistic goals.

3. Send your child to school, on time.

4. Attend all parent conferences, meetings, Open Houses and Back To School Nights.

5. Review progress reports and reports cards with  your child.

6. Encourage your child to be the BEST they can be!!

7. Encourage involvement in school activities.

8. Let your child be an independent problem solver.

9.Let teachers, counselors or other school staff know if you need help on an academic level or family matter.

10.Communicate with the school.

11.Remember we are a TEAM!!!