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Polls and studies

According to Pew Research 2018 Students:

  • 85% use You Tube
  • 72% use Instagram
  • 70% use Snapchat
  • 50% use Facebook
  • 32% use Titter
  • 95% use Smartphones
  • 50% constant online use

Technology is changing the way our children are growing up.  Listen, watch, communicate and interact with your children. Be a part of the technology....share the experience with them.

Counselor Corner

School Tardies

Just a friendly reminder.... School starts at 8:00.  This means students should be on campus prior to the start time.  Our gates open at 7:30 and close when the 8:00 bell rings to start school.  Students must then come through the front office door.  Please help get your student to class on time so they get the full learning experience. 

School Counselors

School counselors help monitor academic progress and talk with students about their career and educational goals.  We are also available to answer questions, to listen, or help students figure out how to deal with whatever life throws their direction.  Parents and students are invited to "drop in" to the counselors office anytime.  

Important days    

October 10 Report Card Night

October is 504 Plan Month    


                    Parents...DONT STEP BACK....STEP UP...BE HERE


You can log into the Aeries program through the Azusa Unified School District web site. Log in using your email address and password. Students and parents can have daily access to grades, assignments, absences, tardies etc...If you need help getting into the program, contact any Slauson Middle School staff member.

first 3 letters of the first name

first 3 letters of the last name

Password is:2digitmonth2digitday4digit


Joke of the Month

What do witches put on their hair? Scare Spray

Getting Ready for College A-G

High School Course Work

A...2 years of History/Social Science

B...4 years of English

C...4 years of Mathematics

D...2 years of Lab Science

E...2 years of Language other that English

F...1 year of visual and Performing Arts

G...1 year of College Preparatory Elective